Breakfast with Mickey

Part five of five, hope you’ve enjoyed the overview of our Disney vacation.

Our last day in California was planned to be a slower more relaxing day. We only booked one thing and left the rest up to exploring and hotel pool.

We started our day with Breakfast with Mickey and friends at the PCH. This breakfast is more laid back and beach themed. The menu and location is a bit smaller and it is a bit more affordable. We chose this breakfast purely for Stitch. In Disneyland, Stitch is not a regular roving character. In Disneyworld, he can be found in parades and in Hollywood. Knowing this, we knew we had to find away for the Big Cupcake to meet her favourite Stitch. We booked our breakfast reservation two months in advance of our desired date. This is a must if you want to dine with characters, dining options with Princess and Mickey and Goofy fill up fast, and if you want to see the characters without a line, this is a great option.

The menu at PCH Grill is American, pancakes, fresh toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, chicken sausage, pastries, fruit, an omelet station, and chilaquiles. There was also a children’s buffet station, which had the MICKEY shaped waffles and pancakes. That is really the fun part about the character breakfasts. Our girls love Mickey shaped food, in fact, a few years ago I hunted down a Mickey Waffle iron, and not the face, but the shape, the same waffle iron used at the Disney resorts, for Christmas for my dad. It is a hit when the girls stay over at get to have Mickey shaped waffles for breakfast.

Throughout breakfast Minnie, Daisy and Stitch roam around the room. Mickey stands at the front and people can walk up and get photos. So don’t forget the camera. Our girls loved the ability to interact with Mickey again, but said they weren’t fans of having their breakfast interrupted by the characters. Ha. I guess you really can’t win them all. But the one thing they loved was dancing with Stitch. That was the highlight.

After breakfast, we headed into Downtown Disney. This is the shopping and eating district of Disneyland, You don’t need a ticket to get into this area. There are restaurants and some great shopping. The girls found there way into the Anna and Elsa Boutique, which also offers the same services at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. The girls hopped in the chair and settled on the Elsa Winter Braid for the big cupcake and the Anna braids for the little cupcake. By this time, the girls were pros at getting their hair and make-up done.

After a bit more shopping we headed back to the hotel for some relaxation by the pool. That evening we kept it pretty low key. The girls went to bed at a regular time, and Kyle and I headed to the nearby mall to eat at the Lemonade Cafe and drinks and dessert at what we are certain was the ONLY Canadian inspired gastropub in all of California.

The Great Maple is a modern American eatery with Poutine! Canadian much…and maple bacon! suspicious… then on the menu you see Montreal Spiced Beef – so Canadian. There’s even an N.S. Wolfhound drink, which we asked if it stood for Nova Scotia, the bartender said no, after some female bartender who made up the drink…we suspect that is not true. Ha. Either way, we had some drinks and ordered the maple bacon donuts and Granny Smith Apple Pie. WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. We should have stuck with one. We did not expect to get three full sized donuts, which were amazing. But we had leftovers so we took the donuts home and thought the girls might enjoy them for breakfast before we left to go back home. Even the second day the donuts were amazing. Both girls were a bit concerned about bacon on their donuts but tried them and each had a full donut.



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