An American Girl Lunch

Part three of five.

Almost two years ago the Big Cupcake received an American Girl for her birthday. This was before the store opened in our local Chapters. This girl, named Courtney, has now traveled with us to Canmore, Calgary, Vancouver, and everywhere in between. The little cupcake was feeling a bit left out with her Bitty Baby, until the fated day in February when she won Tenney. We now live in a house that embraces the American Girls.

As we knew we’d be semi-close to an American Girl flagship store, we knew we had to make a visit. This store is a two level store with salon, cafe and the Truly Me Signature design studio. One of big cupcakes friend’s also has an American Girl, and asked if we would bring her doll with us to get hearing aids put on. We made our reservations for lunch and patiently waited for the day to arrive.

The morning of our reservation, the girls got all dressed up, grabbed their dolls and talked about all the things they were going to look at for their dolls. We arrived at the Grove mall in Los Angeles, it is a large open air mall which many celebrities frequent, we did not see any, it was actually quiet the day at the mall. We didn’t really take any time to explore the mall, which we wished we did.

But we made our way through the store and up to the second level for lunch. We were pretty lucky that we got to sit outside on the balcony for lunch. It wasn’t very busy in the cafe either. The girls took their places and sat the dolls, Courtney, Tenney and Jade in the special doll chairs and waited for their drinks. Included in the price of your meal, is a place setting for the dolls – cup and saucer, and a hair tie. The girls mostly loved the cup and saucer.

The American Girl Cafe is similar to any other classic American dining option, with hamburgers, hot dogs, cheese pizza, and chicken strips for kids, burgers, salad, chicken sandwich and fries for the adults. They offer free lemonade, juice, tea or coffee with each meal, and you do have the option of purchasing beer or wine, or specialty milkshakes. The little cupcake chose the hamburger/ hot dog combo with fries and a mint cookie milkshake, the big cupcake ordered the cheese pizza, and the adults ordered lemonade and the shrimp salad. Overall food was good, other than the pizza. Prior to our meal we were given mini Cinnamon buns which are the AG specialty and a mini appetizer of pretzel bun, hummus and vegetables and cheese. For dessert, which is included in the price of the meal as well, we each received an individual chocolate mousse in a flowerpot and a vanilla cupcake. AG also offers a tea, which includes the cinnamon buns, and your choice of scones, turkey sandwich, pigs-in-a-blanket, or mini-burgers and dessert. Dinner is the same dining option as lunch.

After lunch the girls were ready to shop. We headed to the main level Salon/Spa and dropped off Courtney, Jade and Tenney. While the big girls shopped for new clothes for the dolls, the AG girls received new hairstyles, Jade got her hearing aids, Tenney got her ears pierced, and Courtney got a mani/pedi and facial.

After looking around the entire store, the girls decided on designing their own wares. The Big Cupcake designed a doll carrier backpack, and the little cupcake designed pajamas. We were a bit hesitant on the quality of the design studio, but were pleasantly surprised at how well made the resulting items actually were, and the girls were ecstatic that they got to custom make their dolls new items.

We picked up the AG girls and it was time to fight LA traffic and head back to Newport. TIP: If its close to 3 p.m. and you’re about to head onto the freeway, wait. Stay were you are, explore and have dinner there. Otherwise you will be on the road for two and half hours.

Other than the traffic it was a great rest day and a great experience for the girls.



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