A little flashback for Friday


Someone once said that cousins are usually the first friends of a child. This is immensely true in my family. I am thankful and lucky. I grew up living close and spending a lot of time with my family.  There was always someone to play with, to grow with, to share family jokes and create memories with. They know all my stories and aren’t afraid to share the embarrassing ones (and there are an abundance of those).

As we’ve gotten older, we’ve come to realize that no matter the distance or the time, we are always a phone call away from each other. We have always been each other’s biggest fans, critics and accomplices. We have laughed together and cried together. I am thankful for my family and the memories we have created.

imagesWe are a large family and sometimes it gets messy. We have come to learn to rely on each other. We don’t always ask for help, because we are too stubborn, but we know in a pinch we will be the first ones at each other’s side when help is needed. When a husband is laid up in the hospital, we know we can call a cousin if we need a break or someone to drink wine with. When we need someone to pick up a child from daycare or watch a child for a few hours, we can be sure our family will welcome them with open arms – and maybe a few smarties before dinner or a new to them stuffy.

fb2_family_Family Quote CLose Call.gifThis is our family, messy at times, in your business, always ready for a laugh and willing to be your pillar of strength when you need it. And this year, I’m glad we have this family, because we can use all the strength we can get.


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