Getting back on track

YMMFlagThe past three weeks have been full of emotion and determination. I love Fort McMurray; it shaped my formative years. The people and the community shaped me to be the person I am today. I knew I couldn’t sit on the sidelines and do nothing…so I did A LOT. I realized this when the Cupcake asked me if I even came home in the past couple of days. I don’t regret the amount of energy I put into helping my community. It went beyond donating time or money to the Red Cross. While, I wasn’t at the front lines, I was on the line ensuring Albertans, my friends, family and everyone I ever crossed paths with in Fort McMurray had the information they needed. That’s right, all those bulletins and answers you got during the last three weeks, I had the privilege of writing all of them. I’m not saying this to get a pat on the back or accolades. I’m telling you, so you know that the people working behind the scenes are real people who come from the community and truly care about Fort McMurray and the people that live there.

While, I have been asked to return to my desk downtown, my heart is still with the people All this Fort YMMof Fort McMurray. So much so, that myself and my lovely Epicure consultant Kirsten chose to host Epicure fundraisers in support of Fort McMurray families. Kirsten has graciously committed to donating 100 per cent of her commissions and all the host rewards to families evacuated from Fort McMurray. With the host rewards we are able to create meal kits that are complete with everything needed to make the entire meal.

My fundraiser collected over $400 worth of products to 10 Fort McMurray families…all FREE to them. Right now, the families are setting up temporary homes away from Fort McMurray. One family said she had no motivation to cook, because she didn’t have spices, another person needed a protein boost and just wanted to eat healthy home cooked meals. Providing s few basic spices from Epicure is helping these families eat healthy during a stressful time, when eating healthy and taking care of yourself is the last thing on your mind.

Turkey breakfast deliciousSo all these spices for free, what can families make with it? In our home, we take food seriously, because if you’re going to eat your calories, they better taste damn good. Ever since we received the signed copy of Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings cook book, we are ruined for breakfast sandwiches. We’ve made John’s Breakfast Sandwich a couple times already, you can find one of the posts here, but this week, we decided to switch the meat up and make it a bit leaner by using turkey instead. The verdict: delicious. Co-worker reaction: the smells wafting from my cubical had a few people stopping and one colleague actually stealing the last bite. So I would deem it a complete success.

We also ran out of green beans and brussel sprouts, so we chose to use the last of our berries and one lone green apple for a fruit salad, but we wanted something a bit more fresh and flavour impact, and the mojito berry fruit salad was born.

Mojito fruit salad product

Mojito berry fruit salad
Serves 4

1 cup blueberries
1 cup raspberries
1/2 cup blackberries
1 medium green apple (cut into chunks)
2 Tbsp lime juice or apple cider vinegar or fruit flavoured vinegar
1 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp Epicure Summer Berry fruit dip mix
1/2 tsp Moroccan Mint and Beet dip mix (could be substituted for mint)

1. Combine lime juice and water with the summer berry fruit dip mix and Moroccan mint and beet dip mix, to rehydrate and activate the ingredients. Let sit for five minutes.
2. Combine berries in the bowl and toss to combine, let rest for five more minutes, or overnight in the refrigerator to combine all flavours.
3. Enjoy!

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