One of those weeks

It’s been one of those weeks, where everything creeps up on you faster than you realize. Where a smooth morning routine suddenly falls apart because, a) sissy sat to close to her when she was waiting for breakfast, b) the little spills her entire smoothie on the floor and the highly allergic dog is eating it, or c) pants don’t feel good on their legs.

Yes, this is our morning sometimes. Sometimes it’s a mixture of all the above on one morning, but they are few and fleeting, and they seem to coincide with busy work weeks. This week, actually year, has been particularly busy at work. Some days I make it home by 5, some days, 7 p.m. at night. On those days I am extremely thankful for a husband who goes to work earlier so he can pick the girls up from dayhome early and spend time with them. I am also thankful that we meal plan.

Meal planning isn’t my favorite thing to do, but to maintain a grocery budget, eat healthy and minimize the amount of times we eat out, it’s necessary. And a god send on busy weeks, especially when I’m on the ball and prep things way before and leave them in the fridge. This doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.

But this week, I had something right, well, one night anyway, which was awesome because it also happened to be the night I stayed at work the latest. To say this meal was a hit in our house, is an understatement. Both girls gobbled it up, when I got home, there was just enough for my supper. No leftovers for lunch. Fail.

These Sesame Ginger Lettuce Tacos actually remind me of a Korean chicken rice bowl I use to eat in Calgary. It’s not too spicy, but lots of great flavours. I think this would also be good wrapped in a tortilla, rice paper wrap, or served over rice or noodles. This really is just a base waiting for creativity.

Sesame Ginger Chicken lettuce tacosSesame Ginger Lettuce Tacos
1 lb. chicken cut into strips
1 Tbsp. Sesame Ginger dressing
1 Tsp. Asian Stir-fry spice (more if you like it spicy)
1 Tbsp. Brown Sugar
2 Tbsp. Soy sauce (low sodium)
¼ cup apple sauce

1. Slice chicken into about ½ inch strips. Place in a ziplock bag.
2. Dump all spices into the bag on top of the chicken.
3. Fumble it like a football, if you don’t know what that means, google it, or pass the bag to someone who does.
4. When chicken is all covered in mixture and sauced. Put in the fridge, and forget about it for at least two hours. Or freeze for another night. (This recipe would be great for a freezer meal.)
5. When ready to cook, take out of the fridge and toss in a low to medium hot skillet. Toss around until cooked through. There will be charring as the sugars caramelize.
6. Serve on lettuce cups topped with Wasabi Mayo, a squirt of Sriracha, avocado, and broccoli slaw. Shake Sesame crunch topping over the taco. And enjoy.

My husband was the one who discovered the Wasabi mayo when he opened the cupboard and thought it would be a good edition. I’m proud of him, he’s getting more adventurous and taking risks, which is easy with Epicure in our cupboard.

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